The Author

Neal Raisman, PhD

Neal Raisman is the author of five non-fiction books on customer service and higher education that have been best-sellers but none is as important as Standing on One Foot.

neilNeal was a college professor, a dean and a college president. He holds a PhD in neurolinguistics from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He is also a leading consultant on customer service in higher education in colleges and universities in the US, Canada and Europe.

But after his son Isaac died of meningitis, all of that became pointless.  Nothing seemed to matter to him once he lost Isaac. He felt grief so deep he thought he’d never escape it. Rage so powerful it could overwhelm him. And questions that seemed to have no answers; just more questions.

It took him years of working through grief to develop enough balance to find a place in life again by exploring questions of death, grief and pain as well as the help of The Compassionate Friends. He now has rediscovered life and  learned how to balance his never-ending grief.

Standing on One Foot is a memoir that describes that journey from Isaac’s death, Neal’s discovering the body, falling into profound grief, and how he worked his way back to re-engage life.