Standing On One Foot

A book for those who have lost someone they love

Written by Neal Raisman

isaacWhen Isaac died, it was if a leg were cut off and we lost our balance for a very long time. It is simply not easy to balance on one foot. Just try it. You may have seconds of steadiness and control but then, imperceptivity something happens to disrupt your equilibrium. You begin to fall down and have to put the other foot down.

Try to imagine what it is like not to have the other foot. Can’t put it down and well… You fall.

This is what life is like after one loses a child. It is an eternity of trying to balance on one foot. Sometimes it can be maintained for a while but inevitably balance is lost and you fall down.

This is an account of losing a leg, falling down, getting up and then learning how to balance as best as is possible on one foot. It is the story and impressions of death, grief and finding the resolution to live again and to engage life without a significant part of our lives.

coverStanding on One Foot is a memoir that takes the reader fully into the loss of a child and how it devastates a parent before he or she might find balance in life again. It brings the reader along with me as I experience my son’s death, the agony of that tragedy, the rage I felt and then how I worked my way back into living a full life again. As it does so, it explores questions of physiology, psychology and spirituality that arise during the bereavement and healing process.

This is different than other books that discuss or describe grief after the death of a loved one. They may include some of the pain of bereavement or philosophically discuss the pain of grief or the process of trying to find comfort. None covers the entire arc of the grief journey while exploring its deeper meanings or significance to understanding life. Standing on One Foot includes the entire experience and does not leave anything out including the raw anger at life and even at times at God that a parent feels at having a child taken away.